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OutSourced CMO's journey with Travel Spice started in November 2017. The challenge was to correctly position this upcoming company in the fiercely competitive business segment replete with big online names so that it could stand out and attract more customers to its USP - Getting hotel accommodation through bids by customers.

The objective was to manage the whole gamut of Integrated Marketing Campaigns with an express aim to grow revenues.

We started from zero as the company had no dedicated marketing team and various team members shared the marketing function. Our CMO stepped into their shoes thus providing a two-fold benefit to Travel Spice. It gave their team more time to concentrate on their core responsibilities and we used our expertise to drive more traffic to their website, the first step towards increasing revenue.

We developed a marketing plan around their USP keeping in mind the cost factor as like any other startup the company too was in acute need of cost saving. We not only streamlined their complete online presence and managed it but also orchestrated their day-to-day marketing activities to meet organisational goals.

Like any other company, the options that Travel Spice had was to either hire an in-house team or hire a marketing agency but they decided to hire Outsourced CMO as they would have never got a marketing professional with 2 decades of experience to work for them at a really affordable salary.