Gain access to a virtually limitless pool of resources with just a single hire!

Opting for our ground-breaking model comes with several obvious advantages: Straight up you save on the time and cost of searching, finding and recruiting top-rate professionals. You can now have a proven CMO and his vast network of resources working for you within a few days of signing up with us.

Second, if a particular CMO does not work for you, you can save yourself the ordeal of easing out an employee. With our model, you can get a replacement with no pain and very quickly and never have to settle for anything second rate. We will ensure that the CMO we place at your organization is a great fit but with zero pain and effort you can rely upon us to change until you are fully satisfied.

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Shockproof your enterprise from HR knocks, consider outsourcing

Finding and hiring the 'right' people particularly for 'corner offices' involves considerable effort. It’s a time consuming and expensive process. Retaining them is even harder. Picture this common scenario: On job your top-dollar hot-shot CMO understands your company, chalks out its future, draws out expansive strategies, hires high-pay staff and then leaves, saddling you with plans and people you cannot manage.

Where does that leave you? Far worse than where you started. Do you want to be on this snakes-and- ladder board? The truth is that countless enterprises have imploded in the chaotic aftermath of senior level attrition. Can you risk being one of them? Especially when you have a proven alternative to ring-fence your organization?

Our model protects you from HR shocks and helps you grow with no worry

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Bring on board professionals who'll accelerate your business with no 'brakes'

When you are driving your start-up you want all your people to work like zealots, exactly the way you work. Non-stop, and if possible with no breaks. In real world this is impossible. Employees will come with entitlements: casual leave, privilege leave, sick leave…and they will never match your passion. But, you will have to pay them a fat cheque every month, even for the days they did not work.

Plus, spend on office space, power, phones, computers and a dozen other overheads. Our model protects you from all this. You pay only for the services you use and for the length of the time you use it. Zero overheads, no fringe pains. Only results.

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Jump-start your enterprise and grow fast with a CMO on demand

Save on the months of time required for searching, finding, evaluating, recruiting, on-boarding and inducting employees. Our CMO will come action-ready and hit the track running. Plug him in and start playing! And getting him on is a zero- pain business: it’s entirely our headache. We will ensure the CMO is on board quickly and gets started even faster.

And how do we do that? By understanding your business needs and quickly placing a CMO from our stable of veteran marketing professionals with proven track records at varied organizations. It's a move that can save you loads of bother and help you take off vertically on a very short runway!

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