Flatworld, an Indian outsourcing services entity, is making waves in the US, Europe & MEA.

For over 20 years Flatworld Solutions has carved a distinct niche for itself in the outsourcing space. Now, a 2000-people strong company, the growth of Flatworld had been primarily driven by SEO and word-of-mouth promotion for years.

However, with competition hotting up and online bellwethers like Google and Facebook unveiling increasingly potent tools for “monetizing reach", companies like Flatworld could rely on organic channels alone to increase or even sustain their growth in the future. Realising this Flatworld approached Outsourced CMO to address its problem at both strategic and tactical levels. Since the OCMO team comprises of senior professionals who have dealt with a variety of growth challenges, it was best equipped to analyse and provide a customised solution. Our in-depth discussions with various stake holders (sales, marketing, business heads) at Flatworld helped us identify critical pockets of opportunities that lay deep inside various business verticals.

For instance, the marketing team at Flatworld had stayed away from paid digital campaigns as it considered them a high-cost, low-returns option. It consequently had very little buy-in with the senior management.

But our ROI-driven digital marketing plan focused on specific pockets of opportunity, led to a rethink. Paid campaigns are now a core element of the company’s marketing outreach and in combination with our expertise in optimising the effectiveness of organic content, it has catapulted Flatworld back to a high-growth trajectory.

OCMO confected a unique paid plus organic strategy that accurately identified and targeted geographies and client types most likely to convert. The plan in addition focused on offerings that could make the biggest impact on revenue numbers.