Crypto currency company creating Crypto Exchange platform

International Crypto X is a cryptocurrency exchange platform

It is based in Hyderabad with a state of the art trading platform that not only allows individuals to trade cryptocurrencies, but also facilitates ease in transfers and information dissemination. INCX’s platform aims to provide end-to-end automation for trades and provide essential information regarding the mobility of crypto currencies traded, liquidity of such currencies listed for trading, and other ancillary information.

Since cryptocurrency is in its nascent stage, marketing such an exchange platform is a huge challenge. INCX ventured outside the Hitech city, Hyderabad, and approached Outsourced CMO to chalk out a marketing path for its exchange platform. They entrusted our team of experienced members to formulate the strategies required to popularize the INCX exchange platform.

The team at OCMO, after the need gap analysis, primarily assessed the lacking areas of marketing the INCX exchange. Since the world of crypto exchange is complex, there is no centralized hub where crypto enthusiasts and traders can get all the information they need. This in itself was a challenge for the OCMO team to devise plans for market penetration for such an alluring market.

We managed to help INCX with their complex issues and bail them out with our innovative, as well as trusted marketing techniques. Team OCMO is currently working on placing INCX on reputable media outlets and popularizing the groundbreaking concept so that more and more people are attracted to the fascinating world of digital currencies. We aim to build up current news, marketvalues, video tutorials and technology updates in one place where the users can quickly and easily access the right information. To accomplish this, one of our experienced professional is at Hyderabad for being a part of the core team of INCX and help them with strategic decisions pertaining to marketing of INCX’S exchange. The block chain-based market is not as matured a market so it’s the experience at OCMO that can help in overcoming the challenges faced while venturing into this almost unknown territory. And as our partners say, surpassing the unknown is what makes OCMO unique!

“Outsourced CMO is a concept which is quite beneficial for startups like ours as they have some experienced marketing professionals. The best part is that the professionals are mature enough to amalgamate with the existing team in a very short time to create a much powerful core team which is boon for company. They were able put across marketing plans towards Digital marketing, market penetration, as well as market adaptation much within the framework of company overall business objectives making it a perfect fit for startups like ours. Thanks to the OCMO team on board, our Exchange Platform is perfectly positioned for future growth.”

Preetam Kothapally
Co-Founder & COO