A leading Bangalore-based start-up in personal loan category

Money View is a fintech startup that is well funded from India’s top VC funds. It offers hassle-free personal loans to the salaried class and helps individuals manage their finances via its mobile app.

Being in the B2C space, Money View keeps aside a significant monthly marketing budget for customer acquisition. But just like any other growth-stage startup, they wanted to ensure that they get the best returns on their marketing spends. They were looking for a senior, seasoned marketing professional but were not sure whether they should have him/her in the in-house marketing team yet. But then they were aware that without a seasoned growth marketeer’s presence, the next level of growth was almost impossible both in digital and brand space, which is quintessential for them.

Hence, they approached Outsourced CMO to get the expert growth marketing professionals’ presence and advice & for better utilizing a decent marketing budget that they had in their hands. The concept of Outsourced CMO was an instant connect as it offered exactly what they were looking for at much lower costs as compared to market standards. As soon as our team came onboard, we started working on gap analysis and soon started filling those marketing gaps in synergy with the existing team.

We made sure to convince the management on the dire need of brand building and exploring some unconventional and unexplored digital marketing channels. The marketing budget, which was restricted to only a single channel till now, was re-allocated on various offline and digital marketing campaigns. The results were diligently monitored, and data was intensely analyzed to maximize the returns from each campaign be it small or large.

The results, if you ask, are evidently improved than before and we have seen better customer acquisition cost compared to what it was in the past. These encouraging results have cemented the faith of management in the concept of Outsourced CMO and pumped us up to take Money View to new heights. The team is currently working hard to initiate some well-thought brand campaigns ensuring that the right message appears at the right place at the right time!

The success road map on which the team at Outsourced CMO has put Money View on, is just a beginning. Watch out this space for more success stories ahead!