Tech Enabled logistics & Warehousing company

This logistics start-up in the packing and moving space got us on board despite having an in-house marketing team as the enterprise lacked an experienced leader to marshal its troops and capture market share in a highly competitive battleground. Such a professional had remained elusive for this young company owing to cost constraints and, therefore, OCMO proved to be a perfect fit. Within days of signing us on in May 2017 a top-notch CMO was in place at Pikkol to power its marketing push at a cost it could easily afford.

Since, the company planned to pitch for another round of funding it was important for it to drum up its branding and increase its revenues in quick time, which clearly called for an experienced, dynamic marketing leader. Our entry, in that sense, was a turning point for the young company: it now had a marketing head it badly needed without saddling its founders with a big new cost.

In the first couple of months of our engagement we have made some changes to the team, reduced its dependency on a social media marketing agency and inducted an OCMO resource to manage its SEM & SMM.

The immediate objective is to manage its campaigns in-house so that they are well aligned to its strategic objectives; we gain better control and visibility and are able to decrease the CPL.

Deepu Chandran (CEO, Pikkol) says “Since marking is a core function in a consumer facing startup, initially itself we built a small marketing team on our own:young, driven and enthusiastic. However, we realised early on that what we needed was a crucial X Factor, an experienced mentor, coach and strategist, a leader who could marshal our marketing resources and provide that all-important winning spark to the team. That’s when we found Vineet Arya, the founder CEO of Outsourced CMO.”

“Since coming on board with us OCMO has made a noticeable difference to our function across the value chain: from strategy and planning to effective execution and delivery at a low cost. We not only got ourselves a mentor with proven credentials, but also a whole network of cost effective resources to execute our strategy, quickly and with minimum pain.”

"I feel that OCMO is a solution that modern day business will do well to consider, especially those looking to scale up fast at low costs."

Mr. Deepu Chandran