Vedantu is a live online tutoring platform where teachers provide school tuitions to students over the internet, using a real-time virtual learning environment.

We have been a part of the success story of this pioneering brand in the fast growing online tutoring market in India since September 2014. Since Vedantu was not keen on hiring a full-time dedicated marketing team to promote its business, we proved to be an ideal fit. At the outset the question staring us in the face was: “How do we sell a brand new concept to infinite number of indefinable potential customers in a serious service category like education, marked by conservative mind-sets.”

To address the challenge, we factored in the novelty of the Vedantu offering: an out-of- the-box idea that had no history in the country. The focus, therefore, was squarely on building and evangelising the concept rather than just brand building. Educating our target audiences was the key: the message had to get across clearly that online tutoring was not just smart in the digital age, it was also effective.

In the early stages we single-handedly worked on shoe-string budgets towards achieving a single objective: build broad market awareness and acceptance for online tutoring as a new-age concept oriented to new-age education needs. The strategy was a phenomenal success, propelling the company through a phase of fast growth that drove up its valuation and brought in Series A funds from 2 of India’s biggest VC firms, which translated into larger marketing budgets and even faster growth spurred by a 360 degrees marketing plan including all platforms…digital, social, BTL and PR. The company has grown four-fold over the last two years.

Vedantu is a classic example of how the Outsourced CMO model works. A model that offers end-to- end support and impetus to an enterprise: to start with as a standalone driver through its early and most vulnerable growth phases and later, once the enterprise achieves requisite scale, helping it hire and manage both in-house teams and external vendors including PR, media-buying and creative agencies.

“Vineet is a very proactive person who comes from a strong Brand and PR background. I worked with his Outsourced CMO model with great results especially during our early stages when we did not have to engage a full-time person. We gained access to a person of a very high caliber without wasting time and money. I would highly recommend Vineet`s Outsourced CMO model for any startup looking for branding and PR.”

Vamsi Krishna
Co-Founder & CEO